Meet the Team

Priscilla Lee - Founder / President - ( website)

The New School University, Architecture and Environmental Studies

Priscilla is dedicated. She aspires to be an ambitious architect with hopes to promote a more eco-friendly world. On a simple subway ride from Queens, New York, Priscilla realized how effective white rooftops could be instead of the many black rooftops. Inspired, she founded the White Tops organization.

Jenny Hu - Vice President / Coordinator

New York University, Economics and Media Communications

Jenny is invested. Constantly on the run, Jenny actively participates with many events and works with high standards. She can plan with fine detail and offers direction to the team.

Katrina Liao - Treasurer

New York University, Finance

Katrina is meticulous. She looks over each step to double check that the team is moving on the right track. Katrina provides the team with different options to take and insight on where the team should be.

Enea Topore - Assistant Manager

SUNY Farmingdale, Business Management

Enea is driven. He has accomplished many things at a young age and has worked for several top-tier companies. Enea is involved with marketing and planning White Tops events and fundraisers, and enjoys helping others for the benefit of the community.

Midori Chikamatsu - Researcher - ( website )

The New School University, Environmental Studies

Midori is enthusiastic. While a supporter for White Roofs, Midori is also interested in all the possible options to promote a Greener Lifestyle. She is concerned with the environment and promotes sustainable living through her daily routine.

David Kim - Research Assistant

Carnegie Mellon, Computer Science

David is technical. Comparing articles, data, and numbers, David is up-to-date with current environmental events and the science behind it. He is knowledgeable and can explain difficult concepts in a coherent manner.


Special Thanks

Timon McPhearson

The New School, Environmental Studies Professor

Thank you for being our environmental consultant and encouraging us with this project.

Elizabeth Barry

The New School, Urban Mapping Professor

Thank you for teaching us the tools and knowledge needed for our Roof Color Map.

Jay McConville

The New School, Design Technology

Thank you for helping us with the t-shirt designs.

Cameron Tokinwise

The New School, Rethinking Sustainable Design Professor

Thank you for teaching us about design with consequences and how to think practically about the environment.